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Sorry, I don't have time to update this page. I will try to update this page soon!
Because of personal and financial reasons, I have postponed my film direction plan to couple of years. Currently I'm working in web technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Apache web server under Windows XP.
Latest News (August 1, 2003): I have just released the book A to Z of C at

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                        About Me! - R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah

R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah  

I am a very simple guy, 24, co-authored the book "A to Z of C" currently staying in Chennai, South India. I believe in hard work and simplicity. I also love risks and challenges.

I always appreciate creativity and intelligence.

Film direction is my passion. Hollywood is my target. I believe, I can do a lot in the Film industry and so I'm keenly looking for the Assistant Director position.

I'm interested in doing things differently. I spend most of my time thinking, dreaming and programming with computer. My special interests include repairing old shoes, listening to music, whistling, creative writing, Applied Mathematics, Tamil culture, and Politics. I'm allergic to dust, mean films, mark-based education system, chaos, cheating, hypocrisy, and show-off.

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                        My Book

While studying M.C.A. I have written (co-authored) a book on C programming language titled A to Z of C (~900 pages). The book explains many tricks in C and also concentrates more on DOS/Turbo C programming. This book is currently under publication and expected to be released in couple of months. However, the chapter contents of the book is available here!

                        My Articles

I love writing — creative writing. From my 13years onwards, I've written various poems (kavithaigal) and articles. Few of my poems were appeared in the "American Times," The American College 'Newsmag.' I also served the "American Times" magazine as Editor & Treasurer from July 1997 - April 1998.

I am planning to put few of my articles online. So, please check back later!

I've also posted various articles (both questions and answers) to few of my favorite newsgroups. I'm a regular visitor of comp.os.msdos.programmer I also visit comp.lang.c, sci.math, comp.lang.javascript, etc. All the articles are available at Google's archive.


                        My Education

I've received my M.C.A., P.G.D.C.A. and B.Sc. (Spl. Physics) from the famous The American College of Madurai. This college is quite famous in south of Tamil Nadu and has produced number of stars: Director Bala, Actor Vivek,… To unite the old and present students to one net, I've developed a website

Bellow is my short education profile:

Master of Computer Applications June 1999 - April 2002
The American College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India  
  • Completed the Master's Degree M.C.A. with 78%
  • As a student developed various software programs. Few of them are:,, Scribble, PR, etc.
  • Learned so many computer languages and packages. Few of them are: C, C++, Assembly, ASP, Internet Tools, Flash, Photoshop, Flash, Oracle, etc.
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications June 1998 - April 1999
The American College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India  
  • Received academic prize for securing first rank
  • Graduated with 86%
  • Developed LISee, software for LIC Agents as a part of the curriculum
Bachelor of Science (Spl. Physics) June 1995 - April 1998
The American College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India  
  • Graduated with 78%
  • Submitted the dissertation on "Stabilization of Solar Pond and Extraction of Thermal Energy," a sponsored project by Research and Development (R&D 96/6) committee

                        Film Direction

I always dream about directing a movie. I have lots of ideas. But, unfortunately I don't have any exposures. So I wish to start my career as an Assistant Director and keenly looking for a chance. Mails are always welcome regarding this intriguing job!

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